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About Capstone

Capstone is dedicated to the digital transformation of healthcare operations. We are a composite advisory firm with a general contractor bias for action.

What We Do

  • Advisory service for strategic plans & implementation pathways

  • Best of breed solutions for selected environments

  • Software development organization on demand

  • Senior-level project management expertise

  • Guidance for emerging organizations seeking to achieve sustainability for ongoing operations

Our Gold-Standard Advisory Board

  • Warren Brennan

    A highly experienced entrepreneur, Warren most recently served as co founder of New Health Analytics (NHA) and managed the company’s operations including data management, technology development, reporting, and customer relationships.

  • Sandy Friedman

    Founder of MediRegs, a health care compliance and reimbursement software and publishing company. Sandy Has more than 30 years of experience building database and software products for healthcare and other complex businesses involved heavily regulated industries.

  • Michael Wasser

    Michael develops and deploys sophisticated, secure, and simple-to-use healthcare data information systems that help clinicians provide better, more affordable care and improved patient experiences. In addition to ensuring that healthcare data is accessible when needed, he also eliminates software non-interoperability that could potentially harm patients.

  • Lou Rossiter, PhD

    The author of 14 books, Lou was most recently a co-founder of New Health Analytics and oversaw all data integrity, HIPAA and research initiatives for new analytics.

  • Joe McMenamin, MD JD

    The AV-rated Principal at McMenamin Law Offices, PLLC, in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. McMenamin is General Counsel for the Virginia Telehealth Network, and a member of the Center for Telemedicine and eHealth Law (“CTeL”) Legal Resource Team.

  • Georgeann Edford

    Georgeann founded Coding Compliance Solutions (CCS) 20 years ago. CCS brings together a unique skill set to enable accurate and efficient analysis of medical records and clinical data, especially as it relates to the complex areas of Medicare coding and billing.